• Catma

    "... Not to be too 'catmatic' about it: this seriously playful collection belongs in your beach bag, summer hammock, or bedside reading stack."
    — Julie Kane


  • Upcycling Paumanok

    "Ned Balbo is a wizard of the workaday, revealing in a 'parcel of suburbia' signs of our humanity and of the beauty that ennobles it. Some of these poems remind us 'that awe is possible, today, / and should be shared, or taught.'"

     — David Yezzi


  • Formal Salutations: New & Selected Poems

    "William Baer has gathered what we know about 'the tender passion' and conveyed it in all its guises. Like Lucretius in the fourth chapter of his masterpiece, On the Nature of Things, Baer moves from vivid description to humor (often dark), to despairing honesty, and finally to praise of this most universal human experience."

    — Rhina P. Espaillat

  • Thirteen on Form: Conversations with Poets

    Interviews with some of the most influential poets of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

  • Writing Metrical Poetry

    "At once a handbook of forms, a poetry writing text, an anthology, and a succinct history of English verse, William Baer’s clear and elegantly-conceived Writing Metrical Poetry is a rich resource for all teachers and students of poetry, indeed for all practitioners of the art, both in and out of the academy." 
    — Rachel Hadas

  • Every Hour Is Late

    "Brian Brodeur’s new collection of poems, with its clarity of description, formal ingenuity, grammar of concision, and flexibility across the lines, has the kind of breadth contemporary readers of poetry should crave."

    --John Poch


  • Bluff

    "Chiles is a lyric poet of subtle, mysterious gifts."

    —Dan O’Brien

  • The Small Blades Hurt

    "... Her words never subside into shopworn sounds, each poem displaying her rare and enviable genius for making verse sing, which is to say croon, caterwaul, belt, syncopate, wail."
    — David Yezzi


  • Honeymoon Palsy

    Honeymoon Palsy throws one hell of a shindig. On the reception’s dance floor, you’ll find Claudius waltzing with Lizzie Borden, Hamlet jigging and ambling with Ophelia, and a wry 21st-century smirk in step with genuine grief. Here a wholly contemporary voice is wed to the stateliest and oldest forms of the tradition.

    — Dan Albergotti, author of Millennial Teeth

  • Dogwatch

    "Gwynn is a comic genius with a tragic sensibility."
    — A.E. Stallings


  • Love and Dread

    "More than any other poet I know, Rachel Hadas has set up shop at the borders of inside and out, past and future, life and death, the conscious and the subconscious, and her wares from these liminal thresholds are those rarest of treasured souvenirs that absolutely cannot be found anywhere else." 

    — Jessica Greenbaum

  • Poems for Camilla

    "Rachel Hadas’s remarkable new book treats the Aeneid as a commentary on our times. Just as Virgil wrote against the backdrop of the self-conflicted, imperial turbulence of Rome, Hadas examines our republic as it veers off into possibly irreversible disorder."

    — Timothy Steele

  • Caligulan

    "Tough-minded and precise, Ernest Hilbert’s lyrics, like his old mirror left out at the curb, turn an unflinching gaze on pieces of inner and outer landscapes we often push to the periphery."

    —Rachel Hadas


  • Last One Out

    "Last One Out is a very beautiful book. It sings." 

    — Ilya Kaminsky

  • Sleaze & Slander

    "A.M. Juster’s comic verse is a national treasure. It ought to be locked up in Fort Knox — but no, every reader deserves a crack at it."

     — X.J. Kennedy

  • Afterimage

    "Krisak writes with a metrical and formal eloquence. His voice is both learned and colloquial, demonstratating a careful attention to language and its power to move us."


  • The Dark Lord of the Tiki Bar

    The Dark Lord of the Tiki Bar is like a late-night bar conversation, full of humor and regret, landing like a punch or prayer. Highly recommended.

    — Susan Millar DuMars


  • Outside the Gates of Eden

    "Vibrating with the fathomless question of human being, these poems pay homage to all that mends our minds and souls as we wander the world, exiles of an ever-remembered Eden."

    --Joshua Hren

  • Arriving on Time

    "These last poems of Wil Mills reflect the life he led, a life filled with joy, wonder, and gentle wit. His carefully crafted meditations on keenly observed details of the everyday serve as urgent reminders that we should live our lives more intensely and kindly."

    — A.M. Juster

  • The World That Isn't There

    "As a man, a carpenter, and a poet, Wil Mills was always a craftsman, a maker of the truest sort. These poems, wrought from the places and persons of everyday life, depict the near misses and occasional collisions with what Flannery O’Connor called 'grace.'"

    --R.S. Gwynn

  • Scarsdale

    "The poems in Scarsdale are a series of shocks, like a defibrillator applied to the body of an American family whose heart has somehow died.”
    — John Poch

  • Notes on the Poet: A Little Book of Criticism

    Like prayer ribbons, these compressed utterances are tied to that space between reading and writing, poet and poem, life and art, making up a “little book of criticism,” but criticism with an artist’s insight.

  • Midlife

    "I absolutely love this book. Its dramatic voices are especially close to my heart, but the lyrics knock my socks off as well. Its a deeply impressive collection."
    – David Yezzi

  • Sum Ledger

    "His poems are musical and formally deft, and Adam Tavel makes of his own American life, and of the life of America, a portrait of itself the nation ought to see...."

    --Robert Wrigley

  • The Stranger World

    “Ryan Wilson’s mastery of traditional forms serves a fresh, distinctive poetry of candor and meditation: soulful rather than brittle, more observant than performative.”
    — Robert Pinsky

  • Solitary Bee

    "What more could any reader want than the memorable poems found in Solitary Bee? One feels her confident voice, her touch — and thinks this, too, is my life."

     — Dave Smith

  • More Things in Heaven: New & Selected Poems

    "Yezzi brilliantly combines compassion with dry-eyed insight; he knows how to wring a distinctively wry delight from the less than idyllic." 

    —J. Allyn Rosser