"Honeymoon Palsy throws one hell of a shindig. On the reception’s dance floor, you’ll find Claudius waltzing with Lizzie Borden, Hamlet jigging and ambling with Ophelia, and a wry 21st-century smirk in step with genuine grief. Here a wholly contemporary voice is wed to the stateliest and oldest forms of the tradition. It might seem like chaos from the outside, but trust me: this is a marriage made in heaven. With Juliana Gray’s fine third collection, it’s clear that her honeymoon with poetry isn’t close to being over."

— Dan Albergotti, author of Millennial Teeth


"Make no bones about it: Juliana Gray’s dark and dangerous third collection is preoccupied with death. After introducing real and fictional killers, victims, and mourners, the poems move from the public to the personal, into a series of elegies for a father who died quietly, unexpectedly, and at the height of happiness. Readers will likely consume this gripping book all in one sitting, as I did, in order to marvel at the way the sections build upon one another, but they’ll return to the finely-chiseled poems again and again. For while this collection is extraordinarily strong as a collection, each poem gleams like 'a single maraschino, poison-bright.' Fearless, intelligent, and deeply moving, Honeymoon Palsy is a stunning book."

—   Chelsea Rathburn, author of A Raft of Grief


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Juliana Gray is the author of The Man Under My Skin (River City Publishing, 2005) and Roleplay (Dream Horse Press, 2012), which won the 2010 Orphic Prize, as well as the chapbook Anne Boleyn's Sleeve (Winged City Press, 2014). Her poems have appeared in Best American Poetry, Birmingham Poetry Review, Sou'wester, 32 Poems, and other journals and anthologies. An Alabama native, she lives in Alfred, New York, where she is a professor of English at Alfred University.