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Stephen Larsen

Posted by admin on February 21, 2012

Stephen Larsen graduated magna cum laude from San Diego State University with honors in English and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa Society. A music enthusiast, he’s been writing songs most of his life, experience essential to his poetry.


Ragtime Woman


Cool jade eyes peek out behind

Ebony lashes swung in time

Over ivory lids that wink

Jazz chords down a polished cheek —


Trilling through legato hips,

Maple curves as smooth as glass

Underneath a jet-black skirt.

Savvy fingers subtly flirt


Rhythm into coffee pans.

Humming Fever, slowly rolling

Ringlet curls through brassy hair

Hung like sax-notes drawn in air.


Cello-red lips’ cool-blue phrases,

Ragtime rhythm strewn with arching

Eyebrows, like staccato brasses

Play I Get a Kick’s loud crashes —


Syncopated accents jabbing

Rhythm into bebop spines.

Slender ankles, deep-bass thighs

Swing like Gershwin’s Summertime.


Lips like ruby rhapsodies,

Laugh like London symphonies,

Eyes like glancing violins

Thrilling my acoustic limbs —


Saw her at a café counter

Chewing on a licorice stick:

Blue-note smile, 4-5 turn —

What a lovely way to burn.