Posted by admin on February 17, 2013

We're fortunate that a number of our guest poets, musicians, and lyricists in our Music Issue have volunteered some of their audio work.  Check out the links and websites below, and you should find music from Joseph Arthur, Coby Brown, The Mountain Goats, Jason Isbell, Dolorean, Cameron McGill, Matt Nathanson, NOTAR, Honeyhoney, John Roderick, Sufjan Stevens, and more! 


Joseph Arthur

There are many Joseph Arthur fansites online, but the easiest place to start is his personal site. 


Owen Beverly

Find music, video, and tour dates for French Camp here.


Coby Brown

As an added bonus, Coby writes most of the posts himself; find him here.


Reid Coker

You can check out his William Blake inspired projects and other things here:


The Mountain Goats

John Darnielle is a wonderful writer—I recommend his blog as well as checking out the music link.


Jason Isbell

Worth scrolling through the news section, if only to read why Isbell called his latest tour, “Stop F’ing Around and Play 'Outfit'"


Jason Isbell


Jason Isbell
“Seven Mile Island”



Hear a variety of Dolorean songs (and download “The Unfazed” for free):


Cameron McGill

Cameron McGill always has several bands and projects in the works, and this is the best place to keep up with him.


Bruce Nathan (everyBoy)

If you enjoy music that incorporates both the events of everyday life and philosophical ideas, everyBoy is for you.


Matt Nathanson

Matt’s another musician who keeps a fun blog.



If you check out NOTAR, make sure to watch the videos; he’s electric onstage.


Ellis Paul

With a new record coming out in 2013, check out Paul’s website to help support the music.


Catherine Prewitt

You can hear several songs for free at Prewitt’s website.



Honeyhoney seems to be constantly touring, and their website is updated frequently with new dates.


John Roderick

One of Paste’s top musicians to follow on Twitter (and for good reason), check out, as well as his podcast ( and his band’s, The Long Winters, website—they have free songs to download.



Sufjan Stevens

You can see albums, the record label’s page, or scroll through strange pictures. The choice is yours.


Gillian Welch

If you’re new to Welch’s music, I recommend checking out the discography.