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Lewis Turco

Posted by admin on November 17, 2012

Lewis Turco’s latest books are The Gathering of the Elders and Other Poems (StarCloudPress, 2010) and Epitaphs for the Poets. He is also the author of the seminal text The Book of Forms: A Handbook of Poetics, Including Odd and Invented Forms, Revised and Expanded Edition (University Press of New England, 2012).


Richard Wilbur on His Birthday, March First


Oh, if your name were only “Wilver,”

With a v instead of b,

There would be a lot less silver

On this head of mine. You’d see

Brown again — some gray, at least.

For sure, perhaps, I’d be well fleeced


The way I was when we were younger . . . ,

But you seem not to have grown old.

What’s going on, you ballad-monger?

Who is this fellow I behold

Now and again and here and there,

This tall, good-looking guy with hair?


If my old cat saw Richard Wilbur

I know exactly what she’d do

If she were young, too, and could still purr:

She’d climb up in your lap and mew,

And then she’d settle down and choose

To await the arrival of your Muse

(Although she’d probably spell it Mews).