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Bruce Bond

Posted by admin on December 26, 2011

Bruce Bond’s collections of poetry include Peal (Etruscan, 2009), Blind Rain (LSU, 2008), Cinder (Etruscan, 2003), The Throats of Narcissus (U. of Arkansas, 2001), Radiography (TIL Best Book of Poetry Award, BOA, 1997), The Anteroom of Paradise (Colladay Award, QRL, 1991), and Independence Days (R. Gross Award, Woodley, 1990). Presently he is a Regents Professor of English at the University of North Texas and Poetry Editor for American Literary Review.




The acetylene torch of elements,

a shade so cold it burns, the color of skies

that illuminate the cathedral print

in a Book of Hours, in a Gemini


scene that pours the welder’s blue of heaven

(the chaste blue that polishes the sun)

over the roofs below, over everyone’s

scarf and mantle, the robe of the man


who swings his scythe, or the peasant dress

of women who gather clippings into rows.

Backs bend beneath the cobalt paradise

of cloth, of star, of paper. So many echoes


among them, there must be an emptiness

somewhere, a depth beyond the parapets

where the sky of the poor, the nameless

ploughman, ignites the earth he shall inherit.


        From Volume IV, Issue 2, 2009.